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A Historical Barber Shop

Apple Valley Inn included a Barber shop in the original plaza and has been around since the 1950’s. Originally named Vic’s Barbershop, it was open for business between 1954 to 2006, where it still stands today. Preserving the history, Apple Valley Inn Barbershop has opened to continue the legacy.

Apple Valley Inn was built in the 1940’s where well-known celebrities vacationed and used as a halfway point between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Lucille Ball and husband Desi Arnaz, Marylin Monroe, Bob Hope, and John Wayne, and Richard Nixon to name a few.

The cross-street Dale Evans Parkway was named after the famous wife of actor Roy Rogers who eventually laid to rest in the city of Apple Valley.

Located right under the Hilltop house built by Newt Bass and Bud Westlund, now a landmark. Also, where locals hike a small trail to the top for a scenic view of the city.

Barbers chair
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Celebrities attending Historic Apple Valley Inn

Pictured from Left to right: Marylin Monroe | Roy Rogers, Marylin Monroe & Bob Hope | Natalie Wood | Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & Marylin Monroe | Gregory Peck | Roy Rogers with Dale Evans | Richard Nixon | Errol Flynn | Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz | John Wayne | Newt Bass & Bud Westlund | Hill top House

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A little background of the person behind it all.  Maximiliano Villarreal or aka Max the Barber has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and was formerly a reserved deputy probation officer and worked for the courts of Los Angeles for many years. Max then moved on to pursue his long-life dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Now an experienced barber, he has open up shop in Apple Valley with a vintage theme and offers classic gentlemen grooming. The location sits on a historic landmark next to the Apple Valley Inn and the Hill top house designed by Newt Bass and Bud Westlund. 

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